Drupal Application Hosting

Drupal is one of the most powerful open-source content management systems available today. It’s perfect for creating your own:

  • blog or journal
  • community web site
  • update your website anywhere from your web browser

Unfortunately, Drupal can be very challenging to setup.

Rhombic Networks’ Drupal Hosting gives you your very own Drupal site; no need to go through any complicated install process on the command line, fumbling with your average web host’s control panel, or worry about security updates. You get an Drupal administrator login and you’re free to add pages to your website quickly and easily right from your web browser.

Our Drupal hosting lets you focus on creating content and building your website and community; we focus on everything else. Web publishing was never so easy.

You receive

One Drupal 4.6.6 website, with administrator login
No installing. Just login and start customizing your new Drupal installation and adding your content.
One file transfer (via SCP/SFTP) account
Securely upload your own themes, modules, images, and downloads.
One Rhombic Networks private label email account
Unlimited email aliases
Create as many email addresses you want that forward to your Rhombic Networks-hosted private-label account.
Unlimited email forward
Create an unlimited amount of addresses to forward to an external address, so that you have one less email inbox to check.
Pick a pre-installed Drupal module and theme
Rhombic Networks comes with many pre-installed Drupal modules and themes. This can be several steps removed if you had installed Drupal yourself. Simply click a checkbox in your Drupal administration area to enable a module.

You bring

A domain name
Bring your own valid domain name; We can also register one for you.

Where can I see some examples?

Parts of this website are Drupal-powered (support.rhombic.net). Some of the sites hosted by us:

These sites are not hosted by us, but we’ve provided help with setup and maintenance:

OpenSourceCMS also has an online Drupal demo.

We are “Drupal Friendly”

Since we actually use Drupal, we’ve made many tweakings to our systems to allow for the best Drupal experience:

Apache’s mod_php
We use the latest versions of mod_php, rather than other hosts that force you to use PHP as a CGI, providing you with completely superior performance
Apache’s mod_rewrite
We support Apache’s mod_rewrite, which lets you create “pretty” URLs to aid in your site’s SEO.
Increased PHP memory_limit
Certain Drupal features may need a lot of memory. Rhombic Networks has optimized our PHP setup for trouble-free Drupal operation.
MySQL query caching
We use the latest versions of MySQL—complete with its query caching, a feature that many other hosts don’t enable. With the many SQL queries Drupal may require, your site performs that much better.

How much does it cost?

Rhombic Networks' Drupal Hosting costs only $10 USD/month, or $25 USD/3 months, payable via any of Rhombic Networks’ payment methods.

What do I get for my money?

  • 5 (GB) premium network transfer
  • 400 (MB) disk space

Where can I get more information?

If you’ve any more questions, please contact us at support email address.

I want to order now!

Just fire off an email to our sales email address and we’ll get you started with your own Drupal website as soon as we can.